Tamagotchi Electronic Pets Toys For Children Color Screen Usb Charge Interactive Virtual Pet Child Toy For Kids Game Toys Girls

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Product Description

  • Brand Name: Bandai
  • Recommend Age: 12 y
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • CN: Guangdong
  • Material: Plastic
  • Theme: Electronic
  • Barcode: No
  • Features: Educational,Mini,Sounding,Interactive
  • Certification: CE
  • Item Type: Electronic Pets
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Classification: Electronic
  • Category of electronic toys: Electronic pet machine
  • Toy material: Plastic / plastic
  • packing: Color box
  • country of origin: China
  • intended for: unlimited
  • colour1: Pink pet machine (bilingual in Chinese and English)
  • colour2: White round pet machine (bilingual in Chinese and English)
  • colour3: Purple round pet machine (bilingual in Chinese and English)
  • colour4: Blue round pet machine (bilingual in Chinese and English)
  • Applicable age: Juvenile (7-14 years old)
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HD Color Screen for better game experience
Fun mini pet console, you can take it anywhere as you like
You can choose your favorite pet to start role-playing the game, chat with friends
A lifelike pet game, a pet that would be hungry, emotional, get married and have babies…just as in the real life
Date with cute pets! Communicate with other pets! Fun wireless interactive digital dating game console
Are you still hesitating about what to choose as a holiday or birthday present for your child or friends? This mini game console would be your best choice

Item name: QPET Super Pet Machine Upgraded Charging Edition
Material: ABS
Battery:3 AAA batteries
Item size: 65 * 55 * 25mm
Item weight: 44.5g
Panel Material: Plexiglass (acrylic)
Built-in battery: 300 mAh lithium battery
Extended Function: Support Infrared Connection
Age: 6+
Language: English/Chinese

Note: Please kindly note that there could be a few deviation as the result of manual measurement. Thank you

Package Information:
Package size: 180* 120 *40mm
Package weight: 96.5g
General box package
Package List:
1 * Pet Game Machine with box
1 * Instructions
1 * Strap
1 * USB charging line

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Question 1: Why did we choose one, but it’s actually another pet,
Answer: When he grows up, he can become the person he chose at the beginning
Question 2: Tamagotchi is trembling to visit, they don’t go, what’s the reason
Answer: Game setting: If the weather is bad, you can’t go out

1. In the "standby" (black screen) state, press any of the left, middle and right

key to enter the "Menu (Indoor)" interface (the pet is in the living room)

move) display.

2. In the "Menu (Indoor)" interface display, press "Confirm"

key to enter the "Menu (Outdoor)" interface display.

And display outdoor weather, seasonal changes

3. Whether in the "Menu (Indoor)" interface or the "Menu (Indoor)" interface

outside)” interface, you can press the “OK” button to perform each

Menu option action.

4. Press the "OK" button in the "Menu (Outdoor)" interface display

Enter the "Calendar (month/day and time)" mode display, which

Medium time (hours/minutes/seconds) with 12/24 hours


5. From 9:00 pm to 7:00 am is the time when pets "sleep"

During this time, no operations can be performed.

Season, weather changes in detail:

Outdoor Four Seasons Weather

Spring, summer, autumn, sunny 60% of the day Pet status: happy

Windy and rainy days 30% of the daytime walking is unstable, there will be rainy days for 6 hours randomly, and the weather will appear Pet status: walking unstable Disappointed

Thunderstorm Winter, snow, snowman 10% of the daytime fright time, 3 hours randomly Pet status: frightened happy

Early morning sun 9:00-12:00 on a sunny day Pet status: happy

There is sunset in the evening, 5:00-9:00 in the evening on rainy days, pet status: happy

Moon, stars, sitting on a sunny night 7:00-9:00 Pet status: sitting back

2. Feeding menu:

When the Call menu says "Time to eat!", you can

staple food

Choose between "snacks" and "staples" to feed your pet.

Special reminder: pets will get sick if they are not fed for 24 hours in a starving state.

If the pet is too hungry, it will starve to death.

1. Staple food: rice balls (can be used all the time), sandwiches, skewers, egg fried rice,

Xiao Long Bao, Fish, Lobster.

(Original state only 1

There are the first three, the I

I It needs to be purchased at the "Cai Market I Market")!

2. Snacks: bananas (can be used all the time), chewing gum, wine, orange juice, popsicles,

Marshmallows, apples, watermelon, peppers.

There are only the first three in the original state, the others need to be purchased in the "vegetable market"

5. Work: Pets can go out to "work" to earn money when they are 4 years old. Pet work is related to education, low education

choose the same occupation

Move bricks, sit in the office with a high degree of education; start painting from the age of 4 to Xiang Xiang Ke Tong

You can work part-time to earn money, but you can’t work over the age of 11.

Kindergarten Elementary School $+40 Background: Road

Middle School Construction Worker / Courier $+60 Background: Road

Middle School Cleaner/Waiter $+80 Background: Restaurant

University Programmer/Scientist $+100 Background: Computer Lab

Ph.D. CEO/Doctor $+200 Background: Luxury Office

Work no more than 50 times a day (click again to pop up the subtitle "Today’s times have been used up")

During the working process, play the corresponding working animation, and get gold coins, the pop-up window will display

After corresponding to the amount of reward that can be obtained, it will automatically exit the menu, press the right button to return

Parent menu.

6. Vegetable Market: A vegetable market where food is purchased with gold coins. Has: Sanming

Goji, skewers, egg fried rice, lobster, xiao long bao, fish, chewing gum,

Wine, orange juice, tea, popsicles, marshmallows, apples, watermelon, small peppers

Up to 15 foods to choose from.

7. Grocery Store: Buy plant seeds and seeds with gold coins

Grocery shop for planting supplies, money is to let pets learn

Will operate a quick way to make money, and enjoy

Lots of fun.

8. Pawnshop: can pawn all the farmers

Crops, in exchange for – times more gold than buying seeds.

Let pets experience the achievements of the harvest!

9. Renovation shop: spend money on the living room, kitchen, bathroom, sanitation of the home

There are 4 types of rooms: simple, ordinary, advanced and deluxe.

Choice of decoration grades. Let your pet live a luxurious life!

Xiang Guo Xiang Jian Shang

10. Park: Take pets to the park, random and other

of pets play "seesaw", "big turntable", "top skin"

Ball", which can increase the pet’s happiness. If the park dealer

No one, pets will be unhappy!

11. Playground: often take pets to the playground to play "pirate ship", "haunted house", "bumper car", also can improve

The happiness of pets.

12. Cinema: If you take your pet to see Hollywood

Dock 3D movies, which can improve the happiness value of pets. Pets will become the protagonists in the movie and fight monsters to win

Audience cheers!

13. Travel agency: Start traveling the world with your pet

world. The mood of pets must be beautiful!

The means of transportation can take buses, planes and cruise ships at random, and the tourist destinations include China

Places of interest in Egypt, America, Paris, Sydney.

14. Red Cross: Donate money to the Red Cross to help others

people. Let your pets be full of love!

The accumulated donation amount will be awarded separately

He was given the corresponding title of "good man, good man, benevolent, and kind-hearted".

15. Auto Shop: Buy a car for your pet and go out

Taking a drive for a ride, you can also enhance the opposite sex

The favorability of the oh! The purchased van, small

Cars, sports cars, each car can use 30, use

Need to repurchase when finished.

16 Marriage Agency: Your pet reaches age 4 or

Above, you can go blind date with pets of the opposite sex.

If the pet’s happiness value is high, it will increase and the opposite Guokou State Grid can be forward-looking

The favorability of the pro-object (with a car, it can be greatly

increase in favorability).

Press the middle button to enter, play the dialogue animation, and then select whether to have a blind date in the menu, and the left button to select

Select (Y or N), N press the middle button to return, Y press the middle button to enter and start the blind date, the blind date is successful

The marriage animation was broadcast, and after the animation, a new generation-generation BB appeared, and the BB and the parents happened

Started playing game animation, after the animation, my parents ascended to heaven and left BB to start a new generation.

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